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About This Website

This website aims to be an extension of the work of NUCU, and so fulfil the aim 'to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ in the student world' (see What Is a CU?)

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Such pretty flowers

In fulfilling this purpose, this website:

This website should be:

If, on your travels around this website, you should happen upon any kind of mistake, inaccuracy or piece of unnecessary jargon, please help make this website better by letting us know.

If you require any logos or banners please see the logos page.


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Please note: NUCU cannot be held responsible for the content of any external websites that may be linked from this site. The views expressed on these sites may not represent NUCU's views. To see what NUCU believe see our Doctrinal Basis.


This website is based on the NUCU website legacy
Original web-design, graphic-design and scripting mostly by Matt Dolan

Photos taken by various NUCU members. Thanks to all content contributors.

Above all thanks to God for providing the resources (people, finance, time, etc etc ) and talents which enable this site to exist.