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As a Christian Union, we're committed to the spiritual growth of all CU members. This isn't something to be scared of or bored by - it simply means we are eager to deepen our relationship with God.

This growth is purely down to the work of God's Spirit in us, prompting us to want to learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and live for Him - both at university and beyond.

Friendly ChristiansOK, but what is 'spiritual growth'?

Spiritual growth may seem a fairly abstract idea. What does it mean practically?

We develop spiritually through bible study, prayer and fellowship with other believers. Therefore, within NUCU, we encourage everyone to have one2ones to study, pray and chat with other Christians. In addition, we have prayer and bible teaching in all our main meetings, bible study in small groups on and off campus and prayer meetings throughout the week.

The result?

As we mature as Christians, we fall more in love with God, are filled with a renewed passion to tell others about Jesus and are eager to learn even more about Him ourselves. This cycle is a lifelong preparation for Heaven, where we will be finally perfected. This growth and perfection will not, in any way, be credit to ourselves, but rather all the glory must go to the Father in Heaven, who enables us to become more like Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

If you want to know more please get in touch with Gabi Glenister, our Discipleship Coordinator.