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The Executive Committee

We - as an Exec - are here to help keep the CU focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ in the student world for the glory of God. We make decisions as to what sort of events we put on and, with lots of help from other members of the CU, organize these events.

If you have any suggestions of events that we could be doing or questions concerning the CU and why the CU does what it does then we’re the people to talk to - drop one of us an email by clicking our photo!

The NUCU Exec 2009/2010 look a little like this:

(hover your mouse cursor over a person to see who they are, click to find out more or to contact them)

Alyssa Eggertsen Phil Moore Fi Ricketts Rebecca Chislett James Edwards Joel Kaziro Rachel Dawson Joy Lennon Chris Constantinou

Group photo of exec