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First Contact

First Contact is a great opportunity for hundreds of students at this university to hear the gospel – students who might not know any Christians or have any other chance to hear about Jesus.

The way it works:

Based from a stall in the entrance to the Portland building, you go out around campus, in pairs, with a questionnaire. You ask people if they could spare a couple of minutes so you can ask them a few questions about what they believe.

There are six simple questions:

  1. Do you believe there is a God, and if so what do you think he is like?
  2. Where did your concept of God (or no God) come from?
  3. Do you believe that Jesus Christ existed as a historical figure?
  4. Who do you think Jesus was?
  5. To what extent have you examined the claims of Jesus?
  6. If you were to stand before God today, why do you think he should let you into his heaven?

Often, being asked these questions will make the person think about these things – something they might never have done before. Often it will be natural for you to explain to them what we believe as Christians, and what the good news about Jesus’ death and resurrection is. Maybe they’ll be up for taking away a copy of a gospel to read, or for coming to an evangelistic event.

If they don’t want to talk, or they give one-word answers to the questions, or they don’t want to hear what you believe, that’s ok - there’s no pressure, no forcing the gospel down people's throats – just a great opportunity for students to hear the good news.

On the stall in the entrance to the Portland building we’ll also have literature available for people to look at if they’re interested; and hot drinks for them while they stand around and chat about Jesus.

Why not get involved?

Are you free at all at 1.15 on a Wednesday? Then come along! If you can’t make it for the whole time, that’s fine – just come for when you can. Come and be the ‘jar of clay’ (2 Cor 4) that God uses to sow the life-saving seed of salvation.

If possible, please turn up at The Chapel at 1.15 to set up and pray. If you can’t make that, find us around the Portland Building from 1.30.

If you've got any questions please contact Peter Grier