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NUCU > Welcome Freshers!

Welcome Freshers!

The exams are done. The grades have come and now it's real, Nottingham Uni beckons.
You've travelled over land, sea, sky or a combination of the three. Your parents have come and gone - FREEDOM!
You're having the best time of your life. You're feeling totally out of your comfort zone.

However you feel or whatever you believe, come and check out the Christian Union during Freshers' Week, and look out for us over this coming year. Continue reading on to find out a little about us, what's happening over Freshers' Week and some of what we do:

Who are NUCU?

Nottingham University Christian Union is a Christian society but is open to Christians and non-believers from varying backgrounds, denominations and beliefs. Although many of our events centre in some way on Biblical truth and Christian faith they are open to all and we hope that the variety of events we put on provide opportunities for any student to grow in their understanding of Christianity alongside other Christians and sceptics.

We run numerous events and groups every week and encourage all our members to become part of a local Church whilst uniting over the simple vision of the CU. We hope and pray you consider joining or visiting us whatever your beliefs/doubts/questions may be.

NUCU exists to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ in the student world.

Christianity in Brief | Who's who? | Doctrinal Basis | What is a Christian Union?

Freshers' Week

Freshers' Week can be an amazing time of fun and making new friends but it can easily be overwhelming and not to everybody's taste. Whilst we encourage everyone to get stuck in with weekone events and meeting new people we are planning a load of alternative events during the week as well as hosting our regular groups and events.

Look out for us at Freshers' Fayre and look out for our nine20 leaders in your hall who will be running a group for Christians and anyone else interested throughout the year and why not come along to any of the following events and invite your friends?

Events for Week One 2010 to be confirmed...

Freshers' Week | Calendar | nine20 in Your Hall | Finding a Church

Groups & Regular Events

Check out the Groups & Events page for a glimpse at some of what you could get involved with through the CU. All of what we do is aimed to help equip, support and unite Christian students from local churches in witnessing more effectively to our university for the glory of God.

nine20 in your hall

Nine20 seeks to unite Christians in each hall over the gospel and in serving and witnessing to the other students who live there. Overcoming our differences to unite in the gospel's call to serve and witness is a great way to show our friends what Christians are for rather than what we always seem to be against. Each groups runs weekly gatherings with a Bible study as well as host regular evangelistic events in your own very hall. Read more…


Lunchbar is a weekly apologetics talk given by a guest speaker. If you have friends with questions about Christianity or have questions yourself then bring your friends or come along and see if we can answer that question and be treated to a free lunch on us. Read more…

Equip - The Friday Night Meeting

Equip is our main Friday night meeting. We encourage you to join us as often as possible (even if you're planning on going out straight after!?) as we take the time to share encouragements and news on all that is going on and spend some time seeking God together in study, worship and prayer. It's not a substitute for Church but simply a gathering of a student mission team with an aim to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read more…

Not to mention: Prayer meetings | Faculty Groups | International Events | First Contact | Special Events

Groups & Events | Calendar | Get Involved

Finding a Church

Find and join a local Church. PERIOD!

We as a CU are here to unite Christians in the Gospel and the important task of serving God and our University together. It's truly great to be able to do that with loads of other Christians who may not end up going to the same Church as you or who have differing backgrounds or beliefs. CU will not be able to support you like a Church will or challenge you as a local Church can. We hope anyone joining the CU is looking to settle and get involved with a local Church also.

There are loads of great Churches in Nottingham who can support you whist you are at University here. Not long into the term we host a Church Fayre after an Equip Friday meeting where representatives from many of the local Churches come with loads of info and freebies and stay to answer any questions you may have about their Church.

Also each Sunday members of the CU will be hanging around at certain points around Campus to take groups of Freshers to their Church. Check out the Church Search page for more info.

Finding a Church | Church Search | What is a CU?

Find out more

Feel free to roam the website, email us or join our Facebook group.

Also make sure you find us at the Freshers' Fayre or sign up for the CU on the Students' Union website.

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