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Equip: the Friday Night Meeting Equip: the Friday Night Meeting

Fridays 7.30 - 9.30pm in Portland Ballroom or Maths & Physics B1

As a Christian Union, we’re not a church, we’re not a Christian social club, we’re not even a really big quiche – we are a missionary organisation – a mission team, if you like, made up of hundreds of students from many different backgrounds and denominations.

Christians, at Equip (6th Oct 2006) Our mission: to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ in the student world. That makes us missionaries. And that’s what we’re here for – to make disciples of Jesus Christ – to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus: whether that means coming to know Jesus for the first time as they put their trust in Him, or whether that means getting to know Him better as they seek to live for Him each day.

So, as a Christian Union one of our primary functions is to reach out to students who don’t know Jesus and tell them the good news. We seek to do that collectively by putting on events – such as Lunchbars, Mission Week happenings, hall events and whatnot – and also individually as we talk to our friends about Jesus and witness to how He has transformed – and is continuing to transform - our lives.

What Nottingham University Christian Union is all about is that time during the week when you go to your neighbour and say, ‘so – what do you think about this Jesus bloke?’

A Christian with novelty oversized feet Right, so the reason we meet together on a Friday night is to equip each of us for that:
to equip each of us to live for Jesus and speak for Jesus.

At Equip:


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