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Groups & Events

Events calendar

Diary showing all major upcoming events.


Weekly Friday Night meeting where we are to equipped to live for Jesus and speak for Jesus.

nine20 groups

Small Groups, meeting in halls and houses to study the Bible and to live & speak for Jesus in their neighbourhood.


Short talks answering some of the difficult questions about Christianity, with a free lunch included.

Faculty groups

Unite with other Christians in your faculty one lunchtime each week.

Prayer meeting

A time where we get together to thank God for all He's been doing, and to pray for ourselves, friends and events.

First contact

A fantastic opportunity to go out and tell people about the Good News of Jesus around campus.

Events for international students

Events aimed at welcoming the many international students in Nottingham.

Special events

Special events running during the NUCU year...

Finding a church

Looking for a church in Nottingham? To help you, we've put together 'Church Search'.