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For International Students

Welcome to Nottingham!

We really hope you enjoy your time here, whether youíre here for a term, a year, or for your whole degree. We run lots of events for international students, in the hope that you will feel welcome in the UK, make new friends, and look in to the message of Jesus Christ.

Here are some of the events that the CU runs for international students…

Globe Café

Mondays, 8pm, Beeston Free Church and Radford Evangelical

Students from all over the world have been enjoying Globe for the past few years. There is a chance to get involved in a number of traditional British activities, while meeting and making friends from many cultures. There are also many opportunities to have your questions about Christianity answered.

Globe this term:

For more information on the cafés, please contact Stephen Johnston (International Sec).



This is our special Christmas event, run in conjunction with Solid Rock; an evening of food, carols, drama and song all in celebration of the significance of Christmas for Christians.

We’d love to see you there.


Would you like to get involved with the CU’s international work?