Here are the notices for this week!

This week

Mon 12th

7.45amThe Furnace (The Chapel)
12 noonLaw and Social Sciences Faculty Group (A43 Clive Granger Building)
12 noonArts Faculty Group (The Chapel)
7.30pmGlobe Cafe (Beeston Free, Radford Evangelical, St Nics)

Tue 13th

Wed 14th

9.00amChristians in Sport (The Chapel)

Thu 15th

Fri 16th

12 and 1pmLunchbar (Portland Atrium)
'Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - are christians missing out?'
6.45pmUncover Session (B23)
7.30pmEquip (B1)
'Prayer and Praise'

Sat 17th

Sun 18th