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To become a member of the CU, you need to agree with the Statement of Faith below, and then sign up on the Students' Union website.

Pound coins, a stack of Also, because we're part of the Students Union, to become a full member, you also need to cough up £4.50.

Statement of Faith

In joining the Christian Union, I declare:

  1. My faith in:
    1. Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, Lord and God.
    2. The unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the Godhead.
  2. I will seek in both life and thought to be ruled by the teaching of the Bible, believing it to be the inspired Word of God.
  3. I accept the aim of the Christian Union and will seek to fulfill it in the strength which God supplies.

  4. We trust you will sign this in all integrity and joy.