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Mission Week

A week of heightened activity on the part of the Christian Union, with lunchbars and first contact every day; evening meetings every night; events in halls, houses, departments and pubs; lots of publicity and everyone getting involved.

Our hope is that a high profile week like this will attract as many different students as possible, so that as many as possible come and hear the gospel, so that some might believe and be saved, so that the name of the Lord Jesus be praised!

If you have any questions please contact us.

Mission Week 2011

More information coming soon...

Past Mission Weeks

Quench Quench - Monday 1st - Friday 5th March 2010
Visit for recordings and lots more information.

Treasure Treasure - Monday 9th - Saturday 14th February 2009
Visit for recordings and lots more information.

Identity I:dentity - Monday 11th - Saturday 16th February 2008
Visit for recordings and lots more information.

Who? Who? - Mon 12th - Sat 17th February 2007
Visit for video and audio recordings of events.

Reality Reality - 13th - 17th February 2006
See the Reality website for more information.