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nine20 is the name of our small groups – both on and off campus.

The name comes from Luke chapter nine verse 20:

"But what about you?" [Jesus] asked. "Who do you say I am?"

Small groups are a great way to get involved in CU, they are there to encourage Christians to get to know Christ better and live as He wants us to. Jesus fed 5000 people in small groups and we believe he can do the same thing today.

The groups are lead by second, third and fourth year students who prepare and lead studies based on themes and books in the Bible. The groups are there to be a support and encouragement for Christians and are also geared towards introducing people to the Bible and to Christ for the first time. There are many opportunities for both new and old Christians to be encouraged and to be an encouragement through studying the Bible and getting to know other people in the group. It can be tough settling into uni life with all the obvious trials and temptations that surround us, but as Christian students we should unite, letting the love of God speak through the way we live. Nine20 groups are a great way to help us achieve this, not on our own, but in small groups of likeminded people.

These groups will regularly organise events that are designed to tell people both on and off campus the great news about Jesus Christ. If you want to find out about Christ or if you want to tell people about Christ then small groups will provide some great opportunities.

For more information on how to get involved in a small group, email Michael Staight, our Small Groups Secretary.

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