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Patterns for Prayer

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Prayer is an awesome privilege that we only have thanks to Jesusís death and resurrection. Through him we can enter the presence of God with confidence, and one day we will see him face to face in glory.

But do you find that prayer isnít as easy as it sounds? Perhaps you find that youíre too busy to pray, or find it difficult to pray consistently in good times and bad. Youíre not the only one! Here are some pointers to help us all to pray more regularly and continually Ė you wonít find all the answers here, but maybe one or two things to help in your prayer life.

What to do when you just donít want to pray

Perhaps youíre feeling spiritually dry, or you just donít feel like praying. Thereís only one solution to this: Pray anyway. Donít give up (Luke 18:1). Perhaps read a Psalm first, and remember what God has done for you. Remember, prayer is the way that we grasp hold of the blessings God has promised us, so ask him to help you pray!

Further reading:

There are quite a few good books to read about prayer, and how to lead a better prayer life. Here are two of the best, which are usually available on the CU bookstall.

Bold I Approach (Tony Payne)

Six Bible studies on what prayer is and how to pray effectively. This is a really useful book, particularly if youíve never really thought about how amazing prayer is, or youíre finding prayer difficult.

A Call to Spiritual Reformation (D.A. Carson)

A bit more meaty, but a great read. Carson takes us through several of the prayers of Paul in the New Testament and shows how these should shape our prayers. This is really useful in showing what our priorities should be in prayer. There are also a couple of chapters on leading a better prayer life.