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Friday 22nd (6-10pm) & Saturday 23rd (10am-2pm,7-10pm)

Returning to Nottingham in September? Marvellous - read on...

Come to the Red Door Centre, Derby Road opposite the Savoy Cinema - we'll have a meal together on the Friday night, and there will be some great talks on the subject of the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives.

It'll hopefully be a good way to enjoy fellowship with each other, and get priorities in order before the manicness of term sets in!

There'll be some seminars on offer, and we'll round it up with a prayer and praise on the Saturday evening.

And don't forget the International BBQ we're holding on campus on Saturday afternoon - we want to make the international students feel welcome, so get involved!

If you want to come, fill out the form below, and bring £5 with you to cover costs. Don't worry if you can't make all of it, just come for what you can!

( If you prefer paper, you can download a printable, postable form. )




Do you need somewhere to stay?

Can you provide a place for someone to stay on the Friday night?
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Can you help with food?

Can you bring a cake?