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A Christian's juggling balls - they don't have anything to do with this page. But they look nice!

Reality Resources

Reality has been and gone, but the good news is you can download most of the talks from the Reality website!
(The high-profile week of evangelistic events entitled 'Reality' that is, not the concept of reality itself)

Here are some resources that you might find useful for publicising Reality events, and posters and the like you can print and stick up wherever you can to advertise Reality and invite your friends to come and hear the Gospel.

Advertise Reality with MSN Messenger! Download Reality display pictures here.

New - Presentations

Here's the presentation from It might be useful...

When you run it, it will go fullscreen (it's black to start with). Press Enter to play it, 's' to start it again, and Esc to get out of it.


  • 'Printable versions' of logos can be scaled to any size without loss of quality - use these for most stuff. They also have a transparent background. (They are Windows Metafiles which can be used in Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, etc)
  • Posters & flyers are PDF files (Acrobat 6). If you can't view them, get Acrobat Reader (it's free).
  • When printing PDF files, if your printer can print all the way to the edge of the paper choose 'None' for 'Page Scaling', otherwise choose 'Fit to Printer Margins' - that will avoid the edges being cut off
  • Low-colour posters have been specially designed for printing on a personal printer and won't drain your entire ink cartridge like the full-colour ones would


Colours & Typefaces

The colours for Reality publicity are

Please use these wherever possible.

The font used are Antigone Compact Regular (for headings) and Trebuchet (for body text).

Reality logo

(Other NUCU logos are also available)

Poster (low colour) Poster (full colour)


For use from 6th February

Poster for Jubilee


Flyer (full colour)


A6 (4 to an A4 page)



Design elements

The 'Is this all...' question must always be used where the symbols are.

Drink/Sex/Work symbols

'Is this all there is to life?' device

Website addressWebsite address

You are free to use any of these design materials for publicity, etc for events that are part of Reality. If you would like to use them for any other reason, please obtain permission first (they are copyrighted).

If you've got any questions email Matt Dolan.