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Lunchbars 08/09 

The Lunchbar talks, tackling a series of difficult issues in the heart of the Portland Building over the year 2008/9.

12 recordings listed.

Title Speaker Where/when Audio File Bible Passage
Lunchbars 08/09
The Tyranny of Tolerance Melvin Tinker Lunch Bar 2008-10-03 (n/a - sorry!)  
How can God allow suffering? Matthew Brailsford Lunch Bar 2008-10-10 (n/a - sorry!) Psalm 22 
Jesus was a nice guy; won't he just forgive me? Mark Pickles Lunchbar 2008-10-17 (n/a - sorry!)  
Why should I trust the Bible? Jonty Rhodes Lunch Bar 2008-10-24 (n/a - sorry!)  
God exists, so what? Henry Curran Lunch Bar 2008-10-31 (n/a - sorry!)  
Christianity: just a crutch for the weak? Richard Cunningham Lunch Bar 2008-11-07 (n/a - sorry!)  
Jesus: just a cosmic Santa? Merv Neal Lunch Bar 2008-12-05 (n/a - sorry!)  
Hasn't science killed God? Colin Webster Lunchbar 2009-01-30 (n/a - sorry!)  
Why should I trust the Bible? Lee McMunn Lunchbar 2009-02-06 (n/a - sorry!)  
Jesus: better than a secure job and a loving family? Henry Curran Lunch Bar 2009-02-20 (n/a - sorry!)  
What if I don't have the faith to believe? Jonty Rhodes Lunch Bar 2009-02-27 (n/a - sorry!)  
How can a good God send people to Hell? Mike Wildsmith Lunchbar 8th May (n/a - sorry!)  

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