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Lunchbars 09/10 

The lunchbar talks over the year 2009-2010

5 recordings listed.

Title Speaker Where/when Audio File Bible Passage
Lunchbars 09/10
Hasn't Science Disproved God? Henry Curran Portland Atrium, 16th October 2009 (n/a - sorry!)  
Aren't all Christians hypocrites? James Buchanan Lunchbar 2009-10-23 (n/a - sorry!)  
How can you trust the Bible? Paul Gamston Lunchbar 2009-11-06 (n/a - sorry!)  
Don't all religions lead to God? Richard Hopkins Lunchbar 2010-01-29 (n/a - sorry!)  
Where's the evidence for the resurrection? Jon Potter Lunchbar 2010-03-26 (n/a - sorry!)  

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