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Katie Norouzi
UCCF Staff Worker

The CU is also part of a worldwide body called the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) who are getting on with the same work of making disciples of Jesus Christ among students all over the world. We are affiliated to the national CU movement, UCCF and we benefit enormously from their help and advice.

We have two UCCF staff workers, Katie Norouzi and Andy Magowan who work alongside the Nottingham CU and other CUs in the area, supporting us.

Andy Magowan
UCCF Staff Worker

Both of these people are very nice, and are eager to get to know you. You'll probably see them around quite a bit - they help out doing talks at evangelistic events, doing bible studies, and other such valuable things.

For more information about UCCF, see the CU movement website:

Contact Andy
Contact Katie

(At this point it would be useful to note that Andy Magowan doesn't wear a yellow badge all of the time. However, he's always happy to receive yellow badges as gifts.)