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What's new on this website

14-01-09Improved search engine to help you find stuff on (replaces the previous Google site search)
14-01-09Fixed the problem with the navigation menus 'getting stuck' in Internet Explorer 7 - please let us know if you spot any further problems.
11-01-09Fixed the 'Get a Gospel' page - it now actually sends a request for a Gospel!
17-03-08The recordings page now offers an inline flash player to make it even easier to listen - you don't even need to wait for the mp3 to dowload!
16-03-08Update site for new exec (photos still to come...)
04-09-06Uncles & Aunts
04-08-06Preterm 2006 signup
11-06-06Calling all graduates: The Graduate Network
08-06-06The Exec Pages are finally all up!
14-05-06Added a Google search at the bottom of the page - now you can search!
14-05-06Resources for other CUs (with Reality publicity stuff) and some resources for Equip meetings
08-05-06Added a downloadable version of the Calendar in the form of the term card. Now available via the resources menu.
01-05-06Updated home page - new photos, rewritten text and a handy 'latest recording' and 'next event' sidebar.