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NUCU > Who? 12-17th Feb 2007
Jesus Christ claimed to be the Son of God. Who is he? liar/lunatic/Lord

Who? is a week of events with a purpose: to give every student at Nottingham University the opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus Christ.

During the week there will be lots of events happening - in the Portland building, in halls, departments, houses and pubs.

Our main speakers for the week are Will Stileman and Dave Gobbett.
Also joining us will be a team of about 35 CU Guests (CUGs) who will be partnering with nine20 groups in halls in the work of making Jesus known!

See for more info about events.


What's it about?

Who? is a great chance to unite together as Christian students to tell people the good news of the forgiveness that Jesus offers every individual, and of their great need of him.

Who? is not about the Exec, nine20 leaders, CUGs or the speakers doing this work - it's about every CU member getting involved in whatever ways they can.



Please sign up to serve!

Contact Kate Wells (07917795240) if you have any questions.



There will be more information here as to how you can get involved in due course. If you've got any questions please email Helen and Matt.